L A Affairs We were living a fairy tale Until we left the hospital

It started with a call from my mother proclaiming she had found the perfect match for me. As a semiskeptical, oh-so-mature 19-year-old, I listened and wondered. Could she be right? Could he be the one? Would we get married and live happily ever after with a bunch of kids and a couple of dogs? If only I could have known how right she was. That my mother’s intuition would lead me to the only person who could help me survive the unthinkable — that we would have the kind of love and intimacy that blooms from life’s deepest pain. My mother explained that she’d met his mother at a Weight Watchers meeting, where they realized how much they had in common. They’d raised their families just miles from each other in Los Angeles, ran in similar circles and had mutual friends in common, but had never crossed paths. These two proud Jewish mothers were also shocked to learn they each had children attending Sonoma State University. And that those children lived in the same apartment complex. And that their front doors faced each other — about 100 feet apart. I listened in silence, only slightly rolling my eyes on the other end of the phone, something she seemed to sense despite our distance. My cynicism was no match for her contagious excitement, though, as she gushed over the perfect-for-me 21-year-old (whom she’d never met), who could surely persuade her too-independent daughter to move back home after college. Being the mostly good, nice Jewish girl that I was, I begrudgingly agreed to meet him. On a cool rainy day in Northern California, there was a knock. I opened the front door and locked eyes with the most handsome guy I had ever seen up close — my Daniel. I could feel his eyes fix on me: big and round, golden brown like toasted honey — almost hazel. These were the eyes I would gaze into in disbelief years later, when, at eight months pregnant with our first child, the doctors gave us the devastating prognosis. On the day we met, in the tiny hallway of my college apartment, I noticed his tall, athletic build. I didn’t know it then, but he would fold that body into a too-small couch so he could spend each night at my hospital bedside. And those muscular arms with sturdy hands would hold me tight as I cried when we learned our daughter wouldn’t be coming home. Even though I was only 19, I could tell he was special. As soon as he left my apartment, I called a friend and told her, “I’m going to marry this guy. ”We were two young, naive kids who fell in love at first sight. We married in 2017 on what was supposed to be a hot spring day in Southern California and was instead a day of torrential downpour — a day that everyone claimed would bring us good luck and “lots of children. ” We got married at a vineyard in Temecula as the rain stopped only briefly enough for a rainbow to shine through. We had been trying to get pregnant for about a year when I needed emergency surgery. All data is taken from the source: http://latimes.com Article Link: https://www.latimes.com/lifestyle/sto… #day #newsmax #newstodayupdate #newstodayoncnn #newstodayfox #newsworldfox #
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